Silk painting is the perfect marriage between my

two loves: watercolors and fashion. 

  ya Ku

TATIANA TARASEVICH, Accessories Designer & Owner

I have always loved painting with watercolors. There is something so fascinating observing the textured paper soak up pigments. My other passion is for natural fibers like silk, cotton and cashmere. That is why I became interested in silk painting. It is the perfect marriage between my two loves: watercolors and fashion. 

I was born in Moscow, Russia and grew up in New York and New Jersey. Being a bored kid in the suburbs, I escaped to New York City and spent hours touring the Garment District until I learned to recognize fabric by touch. I started sewing when I was 14 and got into accessories and product development after college. Several years later, I ended up in the Garment District again, studying at Parsons The New School of Design. 

I gather most of my inspiration from the natural world and my surroundings. The flora and wildlife of Southwest Florida has been a big source of inspiration for me. I continue to realize my passion for accessories creating silk shawls, unconventional jewelry and leather handbags.