Inspired by the tantalizing illustrations of Ernst Haeckel detailing underwater plants and sea creatures.


Ernst Haeckel trained to be a Doctor but found his heart in Biology and Illustration. He created incredibly detailed drawings of mollusks, sea plants, corals and shells. I feel like I step into another world when I look through his archives. Hand drawn with fountain pen, charcoal and watercolors - it is astounding! And yet - this is all around us! Swimming in the oceans. It may just be impossibly microscopic to notice with the naked eye. Nature is full of wondrous surprises!

Below are my shawls & scarves 

There are other things I end up having fun with too! Living 2 miles from the Gulf of Mexico gives me so much inspiration. When I travel, I always find myself at the water's edge. Here are some other specimens I collected myself that have worked themselves into the thematics of the Golden Sea Collection...